Sunday, January 16, 2011

Health care systems

Health care systems, rationing, health care as a right, definition of health, public health :  What do you have to say about this family of topics?  You have an exam question about your idea health care system -- put forth some of your ideas here for discussion.

Genetic technologies

What are your thoughts on our genetic technologies?  What did you learn from the museum trips?  What concerns you?  What excites you?

Dying then and now, near and far

 Your reflections on the similarities and differences of dying in the past, dying in other cultures, dying in less developed countries (think about Cholera, Haiti, public health, what you’ve learned from our comparative look at health care in other countries)

Your views about multiculturalism

We just spent two weeks in one of the biggest, and most multicultural cities in the world.  What are your observations?  Are you changed in any way?  What surprised you?  What do you miss?

Your overall experience in London (beyond the course content)

I've read your journals, but what do you want to say to the group about your overall experience?  Highlights? Disappointments?  Surprises?

Euthanasia, Physician-Assisted Suicide

We didn't discuss these readings explicitly, although they've come up in other discussions about dying.  What do you think about physician-assisted suicide?  Should it be legal all over the U.S.?  (It is legal in Washington and Oregon).  Why or why not?


We didn't discuss in-depth the theories of Justice (Rawls, Nozick, Nielsen, utilitarianism).  With which of these do you need more help?  Most students find the Rawls somewhat confusing, so ask if you need further explanation.